PiouCrypt: Decentralized Lattice-based Method for Visual Symmetric Cryptography [Access Page] [Source Code]

N. Abapour, M. Ebadpour | Franklin Open, 2023

Fuzzy Rule-Based Trust Management Model for the Security of Cloud Computing [PDF] [Access Page]

M. Soleymani, N. Abapour, E. Taghizadeh, S. Siadat, R. Karkehabadi. | Journal of Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2021


Developing the Advanced Security Concurrent Separation Logic [Draft] [SecCSL: Paper] [SecCSL: Souce Code]

T. Murray, N. Abapour | Prototype Draft, 2022

A Novel Security Based Routing Method Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms and RPL Protocol in the IoT Networks [PDF]

N. Abapour, P. Ghane, A. Shafiesabet, R. Mahboub, 2021

Improving Information-theoretic Security in the IoT Networks by Utilizing the Chain Algorithm [Manuscript (Persian) ] [Certificate]

Sh. Jamali, N. Abapour, R. Mahboub | 1st Conference on Engineering and Innovation 2021, University of Tabriz, Tabriz-Iran